If you’ve clicked to read this article, it’s probably because you’re wondering how to sell an apartment. It’s a big decision that raises a series of common questions that cause uncertainty among homeowners who are ready to sell: What’s the ideal sale price? How can the process be streamlined? When’s the best time to carry out the transaction? How can I go about it safely, with guarantees?

How to sell an apartment successfully

One of the most common concerns among homeowners is how to streamline the process, getting the sale done quickly, as painlessly as possible and without letting the property go off the boil. Once a homeowner decides to sell, they want the sale to go through as efficiently and securely as possible, under the best possible conditions and with as few headaches as possible.

As we pointed out in our previous article, at Gènion Immobles we often come across homeowners who say “I want to sell my apartment at the best price, and I want the sale to go through quickly, without bumps in the road. Is it possible?” We’ll help you achieve this goal, providing you with a comprehensive, extremely efficient marketing service, and guaranteeing the best possible agreement.

How to sell an apartment through a real estate agency

Selling an apartment through a real estate agency usually comprises the following steps:

  1. Choice of the most suitable real estate agency to sell the apartment: one that is well positioned and comes recommended thanks to its specialization in sale and purchase transactions, its top professionals and its comprehensive services, diligently walking you through the entire process, etc.
  2. Market study and property valuation: valuating the property and setting the best possible sale price; that is, one that is realistic and achievable. By this time, the real estate agency will have already informed you of the applicable expenses, fees and tax obligations involved in the transaction.
  3. Fine tuning of the apartment sale: compilation, preliminary study and verification of all the apartment documentation, in order to avoid surprises and pitfalls. Preparation of the apartment for the sale, making sure that everything is just right for taking attractive photos and for receiving both virtual and physical visits.
  4. Apartment marketing process: one that focuses clearly on the right sort of target buyer, one that has the capacity to advertise the property far and wide, and one that has the best tools to ensure the property doesn’t go off the boil, filtering visits and following them up diligently and professionally. Potential offers will be evaluated and negotiated as and when they are received.
  5. Closure of the apartment sale, contract, and sale and purchase deed: the best deal will be negotiated and closed, achieving the most favourable conditions and offering maximum security. This step may lead directly to the signing of the sale and purchase deed or, more commonly, to the intermediate stage of a private contract of sale with a deposit, prior to signing the deed. The contract will be drafted by the real estate agency, which will also supervise the entire process, including all the notarial documents that must be signed.

Some people also wonder how to sell an apartment without using a real estate agency. It’s certainly true that a sale could be completed following a procedure similar to the one described above. However, the process would be more difficult and time consuming, and far less convenient, with less of a guarantee of a successful outcome. In addition to professional marketing, the sale process and its closure involve plenty of paperwork and a long list of procedures and checks that are best handled by specialized professionals with a proven track record in property sales.

Is it a good time to sell an apartment?

Some homeowners are wondering whether it’s a good idea to put their apartment on the market right now or whether it’s better to wait and see. You can rest assured that if your apartment is in a good location and has a good layout (or offers the possibility of creating one), then now is a good time to sell. Although the pandemic has led to a slowdown in sales in the most deprived and outlying areas, sales have speeded up and the price recovery trend of recent years continues in the most coveted, central and high-quality residential areas. Changes are afoot which are driving mobility, and for medium and high income buyers it’s currently possible to obtain good financing conditions, which may not be maintained for too long.
Last of all, remember that if you’re keen to sell your property, at Gènion Immobles you’ll find the professionalism and efficiency you need, ensuring that your transaction is carried out in the most favourable, quick and convenient manner. For more information, please contact us for advice with no obligation.