We often find homeowners who ask us, “I want to sell my apartment, and I want it to suggest a quick and easy process. Will this be possible?” The answer is clearly yes. In today’s article we tell you how:


Selling an apartment in Girona now 

In the context of a stable market, 2019 has turned out to be a very positive year for selling apartments in Girona, despite the increase in supply of properties. The trend is set to continue in the first semester of 2020, thanks to the relative ease with which good financing conditions can be obtained, and to the city’s capacity to attract local, national and international buyers.


How to sell an apartment 

To achieve optimal results in properly managing the quick sale of your apartment in Girona, you must take into account certain economic, functional and paperwork-related factors. You need to make sure that the apartment you want to sell stands out from the rest. This will speed up the selling process, reduce costs and maximise profits.


  • Setting the best possible sale price: This is a key time-saving factor; the goal is to neither undersell nor oversell the property. To set the right price for your apartment, you must take into account its location, neighbourhood, transport connections and public amenities. Other important factors include the state of repair and quality of both the apartment itself and the apartment building, along with its size, age, the layout and organisation of rooms, views, amount of natural light and orientation.


  • Maintenance: making sure your apartment is in the best possible condition: In order to show off the apartment you want to sell at its best, it’s often necessary to touch things up generally (applying a fresh coat of paint, for example) and to make a few minor repairs. This investment, which is normally a small one, will greatly improve the impression your property makes on potential buyers.


  • Buying an apartment is a largely emotional experience: When it comes to selling an apartment it’s necessary to take into account sensations and perceptions with all five senses. The apartment you wish to sell must be visually attractive but it must also transmit positive sensations in terms of smell, touch and emotions. Cleanliness, tidiness, good ventilation and pleasant smells are essential.


  • Emphasise the property’s strengths: You should emphasise what makes the apartment you want to sell special, highlighting its best features and showing off details that make it stand out and give it added value in respect of other properties, whether it’s the height of the ceilings, having two façades, being a corner apartment, being on the top floor, having special fittings, boasting plenty of fitted wardrobes, being equipped with a sustainable climate control system, its location in a healthy setting, etc.


  • Neutral spaces: You should make it as easy as possible for potential buyers to be able to imagine the property the way they’d like it to be: how they’d use its spaces, where they’d put their furniture and how they’d decorate it. As such, it’s advisable to make sure that the rooms of the property are not filled with strictly personal objects, photos or unnecessary ornaments.


  • Making sure you have all the necessary paperwork in order, and to hand, of the apartment you want to sell: The property’s paperwork comprises its drawings, deeds, certificate of habitability, energy certificate, the latest receipts of the IBI (annual property tax), community fees (instalments paid by each property owner for the building’s upkeep, repairs and insurance, etc.) and the most recent mortgage payment, if applicable. Make sure you have all of these documents to hand, for your own security and in order to be able to show them, if necessary, to any potential buyer who is edging closer to purchasing the property. This will also speed up and facilitate the selling process, ensuring that you don’t waste time or miss out on a sale due to having to obtain, retrieve, update or correct paperwork. If a property is for sale, then it must have all its paperwork in order so that it can be sold from day one.


Professional help

 It goes without saying that entrusting a modern and highly professional real estate agency with the sale of your property will optimise and speed up the sale, making the process as efficient as possible. By trusting in a real estate agency like Gènion Immobles in Girona, which specialises in selling, knows the market and offers an integrated, bespoke service, you’ll achieve the best possible sale agreement, with maximum satisfaction, convenience and security all guaranteed.