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Personal data protection:

Pursuant to Organic Law 15/1999 on the Protection of Personal Data, you are hereby informed that the personal data provided by you will be treated confidentially and will be incorporated and processed in automated files owned by GÈNION IMMOBLES in order to efficiently process your request or suggestion and for the purpose of keeping you informed of the company’s products and services and of any improvements to this website. You may exercise your right to access, correct, delete or oppose the use of the aforementioned data by sending an email to GÈNION IMMOBLES at, indicating “Personal data protection”, or by postal mail to the following address: Francesc Eiximenis, 20, 3r-2a, 17001 Girona.



Legal notice:


The domain name is owned by the company Immobiliària S.C., with Tax ID number J55194161. The address of the company is Francesc Eiximenis, 20 3r 2a – 17001 Girona. It can also be contacted by telephone on (+34) 972 20 86 36 or by email at


Intellectual and industrial property:

The entire contents of this website are protected by industrial and intellectual property rights that users of this website must respect. The reproduction (except for private use), dissemination or distribution of the materials included therein is forbidden without the express written authorisation of Immobiliària S.C.


Liability for links:

Immobiliària S.C. includes a series of links on its website to the websites of its customers and suppliers, for the sole purpose of advertising the work carried out by or for these third parties. Immobiliària S.C. cannot be held liable for the commercial information contained on these linked websites or for any of the services or practices related to the aforementioned websites.



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