When you file your income tax return, have you ever been asked for the cadastral reference? And when are you thinking of selling or buying a property? It is very likely that you have asked yourself what the cadastral reference is. It is a fundamental code in property purchase or sale transactions, to ensure that the parties involved have accurate and complete information about the property, and to ensure that tax obligations are met.

What is the cadastral reference?

The cadastral reference is an official and mandatory identification system of land and real estate properties, it is used to keep a precise record of the location and characteristics of each of them. The cadastral reference is an alphanumeric code that serves as an identifier. It is like the identification number of each property, each reference is unique and The cadastral reference cannot be confused with the cadastral value.

What information does the cadastral reference provide?

The cadastral reference provides a lot of specific information about a property:

  • Property identification: the cadastral reference is a unique code that uniquely identifies a property in a given geographic location. This code ensures that there is no confusion about which property it is.
  • Location: Include the exact location of the property, including geographic coordinates and the full address.
  • Plot Description: Provides information on plot dimensions, land area, property boundaries and other related data.
  • Urban classification and land use: indicates both the use of the land and whether it is intended for residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural or other types of use.
  • Construction data: if there is any kind of construction on the plot, the cadastral reference also includes data such as the built surface or the type and year of construction.
  • Cadastral Value: the cadastral reference also provides the cadastral value of the property, an element that is used as a basis for calculating various taxes, such as IBI.

What is the cadastral value, it is a tax assessment assigned to a real estate property.

It is important to emphasize that the cadastral value should not be confused with the market value, which represents the price that could be obtained in a real purchase or sale transaction. In other words, cadastral value serves a tax and administrative purpose, while market value is what people are willing to pay for a property at a given time. Provides information on plot dimensions, land area, property boundaries and other related data.

How to know the cadastral reference?

To find out the cadastral reference of a property, you can refer to various official documents, such as the Property Tax, or request it from the local office of the cadastral administration. In this sense, it should be noted that, nowadays, many organizations have online services to be able to do this research digitally.
In addition, if you are in the process of buying or selling a property, you can also ask your real estate agent for this information. At Gènion Immobles, as specialists with an extensive career in real estate management, we provide you with comprehensive advice throughout the buying and selling process, in a personalized way and from start to finish. We accompany you in all the procedures and manage any incidents. Whether you are interested in selling a property or thinking of buying, do not hesitate to contact us.