The energy efficiency certification is a fundamental document in the process of buying, selling or renting a home, as it provides information on the efficiency and sustainability of the property. In addition, in the Spanish State it is mandatory to have this certification before being able to sell or rent a home, office or premises. For this reason, we wanted to dedicate today’s article to explaining what energy efficiency certification is and how to obtain it.


An energy efficiency certificate is an official document that assesses the energy efficiency of a building, home, office or premises indicating its energy consumption and associated CO2 emissions. It is based on an assessment carried out by an authorized certifying technician, who inspects various technical aspects of the building, such as its orientation, construction materials, insulation, air conditioning systems, refrigeration, ventilation, lighting, among others.


The result of this evaluation is presented in a scale of letters, which goes from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient), similar to the energy efficiency labels of household appliances. In addition, the certification includes recommendations to improve the building’s energy efficiency, which can help reduce energy consumption and associated costs, as well as reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


How to obtain energy efficiency certification?

The process to obtain the energy efficiency certification is as follows:


  1. Contact an authorized certifier: you can locate an authorized certifier through the list provided by the Generalitat de Catalunya or through the Professional Association of Architects and Engineers of the demarcation. After gathering the basic administrative information about the property, the technician will be responsible for auditing the home in person. During this review, he will collect information on the physical characteristics of the property (orientation, enclosures, heating and air conditioning installations, among others). Afterwards, you will enter the data into the computer program authorized by the Administration that will provide you with the energy rating. Finally, with all the information, he will prepare the dossier where he will present the results, as well as various recommendations for improvement.
  2. Register the energy efficiency certification: once this document is available, it must be presented to the competent body of the Generalitat de Catalunya so that it can be verified. It can be the technician himself who is in charge of doing this procedure. Once registered and approved, the official energy label will be issued within a period that usually does not exceed fifteen days.

When is energy efficiency certification not mandatory? It is important to highlight that there are certain buildings that are exempt from having to have this certification (for example, historic buildings or homes with an area of less than 50 m2). Anyway, in most cases, having the energy efficiency certification is mandatory.


Certification of energy efficiency in homes

As we have seen throughout the article, having the energy efficiency certification is important to evaluate the energy consumption of a building, home, office or premises, helping to identify opportunities to save and reduce emissions CO2. In addition, here and in many other countries, it is mandatory to have this certification available when you want to sell or rent a home, office or premises. Complying with these regulations is essential, as it brings us closer to more efficient and environmentally friendly buildings.


Remember that, if you want to sell a property, from Gènion Immobles, we can help you manage the energy efficiency certification, as well as advise you comprehensively throughout the sales process. Do not hesitate to contact us!