Whether you are selling a residential urban plot for an individual to build a house, an industrial, commercial or hotel urban site to build commercial buildings, or a residential urban site for a developer to build a block of flats or a community of houses, selling plots of land is particularly complex, and landowners must keep in mind certain aspects before putting their plot on the market, especially when looking for an estate agent’s that will manage the sale and advise them. At Gènion Immobles we have many years of experience, with a long history managing plots of land for sale.

The price of a plot of land

Deciding on the price is the first step. Unlike the sale of flats, houses, industrial units and properties in general, finished products for which we can find price references quite easily, in this case, this type of sale consists of a raw material whose value depends mainly on what can be built on it. As with all raw materials, it is subject to more extreme variations: during periods of economic expansion, its value increases much more than that of finished products, and in times of recession, it suffers more pronounced declines. During the last housing bubble and subsequent recession, certain plots for sale exponentially increased in value, only to later plummet and, in many cases, fall completely off the market.

The location as a key element in the sale of land

The plot or site’s location is key; the other key aspect is whether it can be developed. You must be aware of the authorised uses, typology, development potential, occupancy, height regulation, density, and other building and urban parameters. Keeping in mind these aspects, as well as the costs, and after closely studying the market in the specific area and in others in similar conditions, we will have all the data necessary to price the plot or site for sale, giving the plot as much value as possible, in a reasonable manner that can be justified to potential buyers. At Gènion Immobles we have years of experience; we are the ideal professionals to achieve the best price and hold our own in any negotiation.

Delimiting plot prices is essential

Once the price of the plot for sale has been set, we must clearly understand what the target market that our sale offer is aimed at is, look for buyers, advise them and guide them throughout the process. An individual who wants to build their own house often needs advice to define the kind of home they need. A business that wants to develop an industrial, hotel or commercial building will probably need guidance when negotiating with relevant authorities, or help defining architectural and engineering aspects. A developer that wants to build a block of flats or a housing complex will need to be clear about the commercial outlet of what they are doing.


At Gènion Immobles we have the technical and market knowledge to make sure that the sale of your land, plot or site receives the best price and maximum security. We are specialised in sales and we find the ideal buyers for your property.