Choosing a plot for the construction of industrial buildings is no easy task. It’s essential to correctly evaluate several aspects in order not to lose money in the venture and to ensure the suitability of the investment.

How to choose industrial land

It goes without saying that not just any industrial plot for sale will meet the requirements of a particular project. When it comes to choosing a plot, in addition to its physical characteristics, several other aspects must also be considered, such as permitted uses, the type of building one wishes to construct, transport connections, proximity to towns and cities, the industrial fabric of the area, etc.

In order to complete a transaction of this sort in optimal conditions, it’s crucial to enlist the services of a real estate agency with expertise in the purchase and sale of industrial properties. This is the only way to be sure you’ve chosen the right plot and that any drawbacks or problems have been timely detected.



Location is probably the most important factor when it comes to evaluating the potential purchase of an industrial plot. The location must meet the exact requirements of the business. From the perspective of logistics, it’s important to ensure the accessibility of the plot and its transport connections. As regards production needs, the proximity of suppliers or complementary industries may be essential. Meanwhile, the proximity of towns or cities and workforce availability are also crucial factors.

As we explained in our previous post, in which we gave our take on the industrial real estate sector, the lack of availability of competitively-priced industrial land in Barcelona and the surrounding area is leading to the construction of developments in ever-increasing concentric circles. In this respect, the strategic location of the much more competitively priced Girona, close to Barcelona and France, has made it an increasingly attractive option for companies.



Price is another determining factor when it comes to evaluating the purchase of industrial land. In order to be absolutely sure you don’t make a mistake, it’s extremely important to analyse the price of land in the area, the physical characteristics of the plot in question, the available services and utilities, possible uses, etc. It’s also necessary to calculate the potential appreciation of the plot over time.


Legal issues

As a buyer, if you hire the services of a professional real estate agency that really understands the industrial sector, you won’t have to worry about legal issues; the agency will take carry out all the necessary checks, ensuring that all the legal paperwork is in order at all times.


Recommendations for the purchase of plots for industrial buildings

The construction price of an industrial building can vary considerably, depending on the characteristics of the project, requirements in terms of uses, orography, measurements and the physical properties of the land, along with the specific location. Before buying a plot for the construction of industrial buildings, it’s crucial to analyse the following aspects:


  • Classification of the plot: In order to evaluate the feasibility of the construction and the subsequent execution of the planned activity, the first step is to check whether it’s possible to build on the plot in accordance with the planned parameters, and that the building will be fit for the planned purpose.
  • Soil study: The form of the plot, its orography and the composition of its soil are crucial factors for the selection and calculation of foundations, structures and safety elements; these are factors that can have a significant impact on the cost. Polluted soil can also lead to soaring costs, or even rule out certain projects completely.
  • Utilities and connectivity: If the plot is already classified as an urban plot, a building permit can be issued immediately and, at the very least, it will have access to the electricity grid, water network and drainage network. The connection to the mains gas supply can be an important factor in many cases. Nowadays, it’s also essential to have a good high-speed internet connection and telephony services.
  • Characteristics of the building project:Exterior spaces, parking space, interior manoeuvrability, the need for certain loads, crane bridges, warehousing spaces, waste treatment, soundproofing, surface area and clearance of ceilings and doors, need for loading docks, etc. Good planning is necessary; one must consider needs in the short, medium and long term.
  • Permits, licences and paperwork in general: Not all industrial estates, local councils and other authorities operate in exactly the same way. It’s crucial to consider the complexity of the paperwork involved, possible advantages and funding assistance, and the different timeframes and costs involved depending on where the plot is located.


Just as it’s essential to hire the services of a trustworthy, expert engineer with the necessary resources to carry out a successful construction project, when it comes to choosing the plot, it’s equally essential to hire the services of a real estate agency with a broad vision and comprehensive knowledge of the market and local area, of the local regulations, and of the legal and urban planning ins and outs in each case. This is the way to ensure an efficient and safe transaction with all the legal guarantees.


If you’re looking for an industrial plot to buy in the counties of Girona, at Gènion Immobles we have built our expertise over many years, with a proven track record. We’re in a position to offer you comprehensive, expert advice as we walk you through the entire process, helping you to find the perfect, competitive solution for your business. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.