Having undergone a period of sustained growth with a moderate increase in prices over the last few years, the industrial and logistics sector in Catalonia is showing clear symptoms of dynamism and good health, both in respect of the sale and development of industrial land, and in terms of the promotion, sale and lease of industrial units.


State of the industrial real estate sector

These symptoms include an evident increase in sales and a stronger presence of new-build units, along with the lack of availability of industrial land and modern, high-quality industrial units for sale or lease, especially in Barcelona and the surrounding area. Moreover, this is happening in a period of broader and growing demand.

Given that new industrial unit developments have mainly been geared towards the logistics sector rather than the industrial sector proper in recent years, significant demand is forecast, especially when taking into account that much of the available stock of industrial units has become outdated; many units are not up to modern standards in terms of build quality, insulation, heights, equipment or access points.


Investment in industrial real estate, a good idea

What assets to invest in? Taking into account that the greater demand for industrial units, in terms of both the sale and lease markets, is concentrated in small and medium-sized units (of between 500 m² and 2,000 m²), the initial investment capital is often no greater than that required for residential units.

The lease market of the industrial real estate sector offers greater profitability and stability, along with lower management and maintenance costs, since in most cases the tenant carries out the alterations required for their activity. Given the scarcity of new units in competitive industrial areas, it is not unusual for the units of new developments to be leased before the development is completed.


The industrial sector in Girona and the surrounding area, an option with strong prospects

The industrial and logistics sector in Girona and the surrounding area clearly has a promising future. The lack of availability of industrial land and new industrial units at reasonable prices in Barcelona and the surrounding area means that developments area radiating out in ever-increasing concentric circles. Girona enjoys a strategic location, with much more competitive prices and relatively fast access to Barcelona and France by motorway and train. Its industrial and service sectors, showing greater competitiveness and clear signs of recovery, make it an increasingly attractive option that companies are already taking into account when looking for new places to set up business. At Gènion Immobles we manage the sale of any type of property and of industrial land and units in the Girona area with professionalism and rigour, offering buyers and tenants optimal, bespoke solutions for setting up business.