Three compulsory regulatory instruments have served as determining factors in recent years in terms of promoting the refurbishment and maintenance of buildings and properties:


  1. Technical Building Inspection:The Technical Building Inspection service of the public authorities establishes the periodical control of properties in order to check whether owners are complying with the obligation to maintain them in a good state of repair. The TBI service issues the corresponding certificate of fitness of the building or property.
  2. Certificate of Occupancy: It is obligatory to have a certificate of occupancy in order to carry out real estate transactions. This is an administrative document which certifies that a property complies with the minimum occupancy conditions set forth in the regulations and is fit to live in.
  3. Energy Efficiency Certificate:This certificate is issued for dwellings, offices and commercial premises, etc. on the basis of the calculation of their energy consumption under normal conditions of functioning and occupancy. In accordance with this calculation, the property in question is certified with an energy efficiency level ranging from A (highest level) to G (lowest level).


Functions and advantages of the refurbishment of buildings and properties


-Improvements to the liveability, accessibility or health conditions of buildings and properties boost the quality of life and health of their users.


-This subsector also contributes to increasing the pool of available properties in good condition, whether for lease or for sale, to improving efficiency and energy savings, to increasing the use of renewable energy and to improving the environment, helping society to move towards greater sustainability.


-Furthermore, it ensures the quality and safety of architectural heritage. When used as an urban planning instrument, it can serve as an important boost for revitalising areas of the city that have become run down or marginalised.


Some refurbishment interventions that will increase the value of your property


A refurbishment intervention is crucial in order to make your property more attractive, to give it added value, and to ensure a return on your investment. Although high-cost interventions exist, very satisfactory results can often be achieved on a relatively tight budget.


  • Changing windows and exterior doors: This will provide better thermal insulation and soundproofing, improving comfort and generating savings.
  • Improving or renovating climate control installations: As in the case of windows and exterior doors, this will improve the climate control system of the property or provide it with a new, more efficient system, optimising consumption and performance. Changing the boiler or installing a new climate control system using aerothermal, geothermal or solar energy technology, among others, will pay for itself within a few months.
  • Kitchen refurbishment: Without altering the space itself, the incorporation of more modern finishes for floors, walls and ceilings, a change of kitchen furniture and appliances, the incorporation of an island or of new kitchen surface materials such as microcement, will give it a completely different, improved look, with no need for demolition work or major works.
  • Bathroom refurbishment: Changing a bathtub for a shower, replacing toilets and sinks, removing the bidet to gain space, adding larger mirrors to create more light, incorporating more minimalist furniture or painting tiles can breathe new life into bathrooms, increasing the sensation of space and light.
  • Repairing and updating the flooring of the property: Repairing the flooring of your property will improve its image greatly, while replacing the floor entirely will give it a completely different look. The budget does not need to be huge and excellent results can be achieved.
  • Addition of automated and smart home devices: The addition of automated blinds, doors and entry systems, lighting, climate control and other elements by means of connectivity systems operated by smartphone, for example, give real added value to a property.


At Gènion Immobles we advise you and help make it all possible

At Gènion Immobles we believe that the future growth of the real estate and construction sector will largely depend on the refurbishment and improvement of existing buildings and properties. We’re convinced that this is the most environmentally friendly strategy for the sector.


We have an extensive portfolio of properties ready for refurbishment, buildings and dwellings located in strategic points of towns and cities, or in charming rural settings. We also sell buildings and properties already refurbished using demanding criteria in terms of aesthetics, liveability and energy efficiency.


We are on hand to offer you advice on any aspect of your refurbishment project. We work in partnership with superb refurbishment professionals: architects, interior designers, decorators, building companies and specialised technicians who always keep up to date with the latest developments in advanced and efficient solutions.


To know the main types of refurbishment works and the progress and situation of the refurbishment subsector, we advise you to consult the first part of this article on the rehabilitation of buildings and properties.