A masia (plural, masies) is a traditional Catalan farmhouse. The masies on sale are not an acquisition either. When decided, and buying one, is a purchase unlike any other. What you are buying is history, a way of life, customs, and tradition. In a way, it is like buying a painting. Blending into the landscape, no two masies are alike; it is a unique, emotional purchase of an asset that is both scarce and unrepeatable. Such a unique asset is increasingly prized, and, like any unique item, over time, it is guaranteed to increase in value.


Masies on sale in Catalonia, a unique asset.

Masies on sale in Catalonia are a sound investment. While they are highly sought-after by local buyers looking for a home or second residence, an increasing number of international purchasers are moving into the market, attracted by Catalonia’s privileged setting, its mild climate, culture, gastronomy, and quality of life.


The Girona counties. A varied and privileged part of the world to live and do business in.

Well-communicated, with high-quality facilities, and a wide choice of leisure and services, the Girona counties are a privileged place for you to buy your masia. Those on sale around Girona, the inland counties, the Costa Brava, and the Empordà, all let you discover very varied landscape. Masies on sale in Gironès county and around the city of Girona provide all the charm of the countryside, as well as being close to a city with numerous attractions, such as a university, airport, high-speed train connection, and a wide range of culture and services. Rural properties on sale in the Empordà offer the chance to experience one of the area’s most delightful corners; the Costa Brava is just a stone’s throw away, and the countryside is dotted with striking medieval villages, unspoilt, pretty natural spaces, summer festivities, and an atmosphere that is rural and cosmopolitan at one and the same time. Wilder surroundings, and lower prices, are to be found in those masies and rural properties on sale in the inland part of La Selva county, and the Garrotxa. Since there is less construction, these are ideal places in which to enjoy nature, and disconnect; the memory of serfs, bandits, and Carlists comes alive in every stone.


The area hosts an increasing flow of high-quality tourism, in search of genuine, personalised experiences, and contact with nature. The area has flatland, the sea, and mountains nearby, and boasts a fine network of varied complementary services, gastronomy, sports, leisure, and culture. The masies and rural properties for sale in the Girona counties are also the perfect place for you to open your own rural tourism business, whether rental or hotel; success, and increased value, are all-but guaranteed.



With a masia o rural property, what should you bear in mind?

Once you have decided to make a purchase, it is important not to rush things. These properties are so special that it would be a shame to make a mistake. Above all, you should be clear about what you need: services, access to transport networks, closeness to a village, distance from the city you visit most often, and so on.  You should bear in mind your family’s needs, and whether you will make it your home, or a second residence. If it is for a business, then think about what kind of business, and the type of customer you wish to attract.


When you have found a masia or rural property on sale, you should fully research it, and seek the best professional advice. Among the issues that you need to clarify are: the property’s accounts, are there any outstanding debts, such as to banks, local authorities, etc?; easements; and the correlation of measurements, boundaries, boundary markers, surface area, and the like. Check local planning permission regulations, its cadastral and registration situations, find out if it is included in the village’s Catalogue of Masies and Farmhouses, check what uses you can make of the property, and whether it can be sub-divided. In short, with such an important purchase, you need to be clear that all is in order, and that nothing will impede you using your property as you plan.



Renovated masia or one in need of renovation – Often the big dilemma.

If you purchase a property that has been renovated, and you need make no changes, you can live there straight away. If you find something that totally, or largely, matches your tastes, with the perfect spaces you need for your specific necessities, then this is without doubt the best option; you can get a real feel for the place and what living there would be like. Renovated properties reduce the risks of setbacks, you will save time and bother. You will also be able to move in right away. Is it going to cost more? Not necessarily, each case is different. The biggest problem is finding it.


If you are buying it with a view to renovation, plan the new spaces, and embark on a creative process of transformation. You will have to be patient, and it may not all go according to plan, but it will be fun, and you can let your imagination run wild to make your property as personal as possible. The right advice, with technical and professional supervision is even more important to ensure you make no mistakes, avoid setbacks, delays, defects, and quotes that are either impossible or too high. Knowledge of regulations, and the ability to deal well with various local government departments is key.


A masia or rural property in the Girona counties, an asset with a future.

Summing up, buying a masia or rural property in Girona and its counties, an area that is so highly appreciated, is an intelligent purchase, something that is both personal and unique. A sound investment, its value is bound to increase over time, making it an asset in the future. Whether it is for your home or business, it is a wonderful idea, there is no question about it!

In Gènion Immobles we offer a selection of the best masies in Girona. Do not hesitate to visit us if you are thinking of buying one. We will advise you and guide you in choosing your ideal masia.