Efficient and professional management in the selection and sale of industrial and non-residential land is crucial for the appraisal of plots and their commercial prospects, both in the case of companies that wish to develop units in which to set up business themselves and in the case of units developed for sale or lease.

What must owners and developers take into account?

In the latter case, a crucial factor is the pre-commercialisation process, which will make financial options available and enable the development to run smoothly. Another key factor is the execution of flexible projects that adapt to the needs of end users.

At Gènion Immobles we walk owners and developers through this process. With our knowledge of the market and potential demand, we design the right strategy for each customer.


What about leasing out industrial units?

Setting a realistic price for the industrial unit to be leased out is the first step, conditioning whether a lease can be secured with minimal delay. Prices range from €7/m² in the prime ring of Barcelona to €3.5/m² in attractive areas located further away from the capital, such as the Girona area.

A key factor in order to avoid unpleasant surprises is to ensure the solvency of the tenant and obtain the necessary guarantees. With a view to avoiding excessive turnover, it is also necessary to consider the feasibility of the business that the tenant wishes to set up.


What must buyers and tenants take into account?

One key factor is the location, which conditions the success of the business, along with the local transport network and services. The company must also have a clear vision of its present and future needs, not to mention the proximity of suppliers and competitors. The permitted uses and other requirements of the urban planing regulations for each sector must also be taken into account. As applicable, the company must fulfil regulations regarding the insulation, safety, fire hazards, etc. of facilities.

The availability of qualified staff in the area and the existence of schemes implemented by the local authorities to boost industrial activity is another important factor. Last of all, it is necessary to take into account the condition and quality of the build, installations, heights, finishes, equipment and useful life, along with a reasonable price in respect of the listed requirements and proportional to the advantages involved.