The buoyant trend and progressive growth of demand in the industrial real estate sector has been maintained in recent years. In the current context of the health crisis, growth has slowed but not stopped and there are signs of significant recovery as the situation begins to return to normal. In this changing economic landscape, it’s important to have access to high-quality expert advice in order to know how to sell an industrial building, and fully optimise the profitability of the transaction.


State of the industrial real estate sector

The current situation of the industrial real estate sector is characterised by the low availability of land in metropolitan areas and by the prominence of new industrial buildings and the boom in their construction. In the Girona area, the occupancy of industrial estates is high, and the availability of modern buildings in good condition is rather low. New developments of industrial buildings for sale have been completed in recent years, largely aimed at the logistics sector. The industrial sector has been rather less well served in this respect, as a result of which it has shifted its focus onto industrial estates with low occupancy rates in less populated areas of the counties of Girona. As such, the offering of industrial buildings in the Girona area—with much more competitive prices than the Barcelona area, and with blossoming industrial and services sectors—is becoming an increasingly attractive one to consider.

In a context where, in spite of everything, demand continues to grow for modern, high-quality buildings, the horizon for the development and sale of industrial buildings is looking brighter and brighter.


I’m selling an industrial building

As with any other real estate sale, having access to expert advice is a key factor for completing the transaction successfully. When it comes to the purchase and sale of industrial buildings, this advice is absolutely crucial. The optimisation of resources and solutions achieved by putting the transaction in the hands of the experts means you are much more likely to obtain a satisfactory result and a larger profit.

The commercial management of the sale of industrial or commercial buildings includes the following: prior market research and study; technical and legal advice; advertising; search, contact, visits and follow-up of potential buyers; financial guidance; negotiation and closure of the sale-purchase transaction. Putting the sale in expert hands is a guarantee of success.


What should be considered when selling an industrial building?

The sale of industrial buildings is a real estate operation in which several factors must be considered:


  • The area in which the building is located: As with any other property, the location is a crucial aspect. Factors to consider are whether it’s located in a city/urban environment or away from built-up areas/in a rural setting. It’s essential to be familiar with the local communications and transport network. Proximity to complementary sectors and suppliers is also extremely important.
  • The condition and size of the building: Structure, layout, construction characteristics, equipment, utilities, etc. It is also important for it to be well-maintained, with an up-to-date record of inspections.
  • Market trends: As things stand in this particular market, there is greater demand than supply of buildings for sale, especially when it comes to high-quality, modern buildings in the most sought-after areas. This is pushing up sale prices.
  • Setting the price: It’s necessary to look carefully at the benchmark sale prices of industrial buildings in similar condition in the same area, along with the price of land and the specific construction characteristics, equipment, etc.

One thing is certain: the best results will be obtained with the expert advice of an expert leading real estate agency. At Gènion Immobles we take care of the sale and marketing of land and industrial plots, properties and industrial buildings, offering a comprehensive real estate service based on professionalism, experience and thoroughness. For more information on how to sell an industrial building, don’t hesitate to contact us.