So you’ve mind your mind up and decided to buy an apartment in Girona. A wise move! It’s time to start investigating a well-positioned brand: Girona apartments. When it comes to choosing a property, it’s very important to take into account some key elements. Gènion Immobles is on hand to guide you through the process.



This is a crucial factor, because it’s an aspect you won’t be able to alter. You should choose the district or districts that best meet your current or future needs, expectations, and preferences, in line with your available finances. The quality of schools in a district is a key element for those with school-age children, as is being close to the AVE (high-speed train) station for those who have to travel often to Barcelona, while proximity to healthcare centres is important for those who are starting to get on a bit. Those who want to have everything close at hand will be attracted to the city centre, while those who like being close to nature will be keener on districts with plenty of green spaces.


It goes without saying that location is one of the key factors in determining price. Apartments sharing exactly the same characteristics are priced very differently according to their location in Girona. At Gènion Immobles, we sell apartments in Girona’s best districts.


Orientation, views and elevation

Another very important aspect that you won’t be able to change once you move in is orientation, so make sure you factor it into your search for an apartment in Girona.


South-facing apartments are always the most sought-after ones, since they guarantee more natural light and sun, with the corresponding energy savings this brings. This can be especially attractive for the day area of the apartment, although sometimes less so for the sleeping area, which if facing north won’t get so overheated in the summer. So an apartment with a south/north orientation is also a good choice, and a corner apartment is an even better one.


East and west orientations may also be suitable; with a combination of both you’ll have morning and afternoon sun. Without a doubt, a 100% north orientation is the least popular choice, except among those who don’t like the sun or unless compensated by excellent views.


Views are a crucial factor and are often conditioned by the elevation of the property. Facing a square or a public park is not the same as facing the façade of another building in a narrow street, although an excellent location in Girona’s Barri Vell (Old Quarter) might well make up for that visual inconvenience.


Size, shape and layout

This is another key factor to take into account in your search for an apartment in Girona. The size of the apartment will depend on your needs in terms of space, layout and number of bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. A loft-style layout is suitable for those looking for open spaces, while those who need a more compartmentalised space will require a more conventional layout. If you want a terrace, perhaps your best choice is an attic flat, while those keen on two-storey living will need a so-called duplex apartment. If you want a patio or garden, you should concentrate on ground-floor apartments.


Bear in mind that it’s sometimes possible to increase the surface area of a dwelling. For example, in apartments with high ceilings it might be possible to incorporate a mezzanine floor. In other cases, it may be possible to partially enclose terraces or porches if permitted by local building regulations.


Build quality and state of repair

The build quality also affects the price, level of comfort and the durability of the Girona apartment you might wish to buy. The state of repair will determine whether you can move straight in (new or well-maintained apartments) or will have to carry out prior refurbishment works, in which case you must have a clear idea of the cost involved and the feasibility of the works. At Gènion Immobles we can work out these costs for you in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises.


Availability of a parking place in the same building

Having a parking place in the same building is wonderfully convenient and, logically, affects the value of the apartment you wish to buy. Sometimes, if you wish to buy an apartment in Girona’s Barri Vell (Old Quarter), it can be almost impossible to obtain a parking place in the same building, in which case you’ll need to have feasible alternatives as close as possible.


Building complex and community (common) areas

The building is the setting of the apartment. The building in which an apartment is located affects its worth, its comfort of use, its maintenance fees, and its potential profitability and growth in value in the future. A new or refurbished building in Girona with well-maintained common areas and services and is not the same as an old building with outdated common facilities and pending repairs or works.


The nature of the common areas of a building is another important aspect to factor into your choice. Preferably they will be proportional, while a community pool or garden might be ideal for those with small children. On the other hand, such facilities might generate unaffordable fees…


The neighbours

The type of neighbours that reside in an apartment block is a key factor to bear in mind in your property search. You’ll be sharing common areas, fees, decisions about the building and day-to-day living with them. One indication of the uniformity of residents is the state of repair and size of each dwelling. A block of tenants is not the same as a block of owners, and the age of residents may indicate their general willingness to commit to alterations and refurbishments.