Buying a rustic village house in the counties of Girona is an alternative to buying a farmhouse or even a conventional house. Rustic houses are increasingly in demand, whether as a main residence, a second home or for business. Buying a stone house in a village such as Sant Martí Vell, Cruïlles, Fonteta, Palau Saverdera, Foixà or Colomers, to name a few, is a good idea that’s becoming ever more popular. 


Rustic village on sale

Buying a stone townhouse, a farmhouse or a manor house in a charming village, often one with mediaeval heritage in an area such as Empordà, Gironès or Pla de l’Estany, etc., means owning a genuine, original property with plenty of personality and history, containing traditional features associated with the local area.   

At the same time, living within a town or village means greater proximity to restaurants and small shops, as well as being part of a close community of neighbours. It gives you the chance to take part in local festivities, sit outdoors and chat with the neighbours, easily find friends for your children to play with… And all without having to give up the chance of enjoying nature, thanks to the nearby fields and woods. 


Buying a rustic village house in the counties of Girona as a main residence

Apart from new generations of locals, keen to stay put, more and more city dwellers, from both home and abroad, are upping sticks and purchasing rustic village houses as their main residence. 

Improvements to transport connections in many of the towns and villages in the counties of Girona, with ever easier access to Barcelona and other major cities by road, rail or air transport, are a major factor in facilitating this phenomenon. Another important factor is the possibility of working from home thanks to new technologies. By way of example, somebody who previously had to be at the office every day in London can now largely do their job from home, in an Empordà village, only needing to visit London once or twice a month.  


Buying a rustic village house in the counties of Girona as a second home

This is perhaps the most frequent option. Buying a rustic village house in the counties of Girona as a second home gives you the chance to put down a second set of roots and get away from it all for a good part of the year. Families find this attractive because it means their children get to play in the street, make new friends, learn about growing vegetables and enjoy a cosy atmosphere in stark contrast to that of the big city. 


For weekends and holidays, the villages of the counties of Girona offer the peace of mind and quality of life you need, close to the beach and to the mountains. They also give you the chance to enjoy plenty of interesting architecture, thanks to unique mediaeval quarters where time seems to have stood still. There is a wide-ranging local cultural offering, with all sorts of activities taking place throughout the year, including well-known and prestigious summer festivals with first-rate line-ups, not to mention an array of gastronomic options, with prices and specialities to suit everyone. 


Buying a rustic village house in the counties of Girona for business

The charm, fame and superb location of certain villages in the counties of Girona makes them an ideal location to set up businesses such as boutique hotels, tourist apartments, rural tourism establishments and restaurants, etc., normally on a small scale. Buying a rustic house in a village such as Madremanya, Monells, Rupià, Peratallada, Pals, Peralada or Vilabertran and turning it into a business is an option with plenty of potential for success thanks to the setting, the cultural, gastronomic and leisure offering, easy access and proximity to the Costa Brava, the Pyrenees, Barcelona and France.