The villages that make up the metropolitan area of Girona are a very attractive and increasingly popular alternative when it comes to buying a property. Living in this area offers an ideal combination of proximity to the city and the charm of village life, with a good standard of living, excellent transport connections and contact with nature. At Gènion Immobles we know the area around Girona inside out and we have houses and plots for sale there. Consult the portfolio of properties that you will find on our website or contact us for more information.

Given that it’s a small city, it doesn’t take very long at all to get to the centre of Girona from any of the villages in the area surrounding the city, and they usually offer a more practical and faster route than Girona itself to other parts of Catalonia, such as Barcelona, the Costa Brava or inland Catalonia.


South sector of the area surrounding Girona


Vilablareix is very close to Girona as the crow flies. In recent years, the village has grown, especially on its east side, through the construction of new residential developments. There has been a renewal of the housing market in Vilablareix in terms of houses, plots and apartments.



A little bit further away, with a very uncluttered centre. The property market here mostly comprises houses and plots, which are prized by those looking for a peaceful atmosphere with excellent transport connections.


Fornells de la Selva

Houses and plots are very sought after in Fornells de la Selva, one of the most highly-rated villages in the area surrounding Girona. The village has two distinct zones: the centre and its residential area, and the Fornells Parc residential zone, right next to Girona.



Quart, a village long associated with pottery, has seen an improvement in the quality of its housing market and has become a very attractive option. Owning a house in Quart means living a stone’s throw from Girona and with good transport connections to the coast, inland Catalonia or Barcelona.



If you’re interested in buying a house or a plot in Llambilles, you can choose between the old quarter, the surrounding residential area and the area close to the bicycle path, or one of its hamlets. You’re guaranteed the charm of a little village nestled at the foot of the Gavarres Massif.


West sector of the area surrounding Girona


Whether it’s in the village centre, with typical village houses and large apartments, in the Montfullà residential development, with houses and large plots overlooking Girona, or in one of its hamlets, buying a house, plot or apartment in Bescanó is a good investment that’s guaranteed to appreciate in value.


Sant Gregori

Sant Gregori is a very desirable village, combining sustained urban development, a good standard of living and proximity to Girona, located in an authentic countryside setting with crop fields and woodland. Buying a plot, house or apartment in Sant Gregori is a failsafe investment.


Canet d’Adri

Buying a house or plot in Canet d’Adri is a very good option for those who, while not wanting to give anything up, are looking for a more rural setting. Perfect for living in the heart of nature and getting away from it all every evening just by getting back home.


North sector of the area surrounding Girona

Sarrià de Ter

With slightly lower prices, buying an apartment, house or plot in Sarrià de Ter is a good move. Located right next to Girona, with a consolidated village centre surrounded by successive residential developments. It’s a practical and family-friendly option.


Sant Julià de Ramis

The village is somewhat scattered in nature with various housing options. It comprises a village centre, conventional built-up areas and the possibility of buying a plot or house on the Golf Girona residential complex, in an elevated position that’s perfect for both golf and nature enthusiasts.


East sector of the area surrounding Girona


Celrà boasts a mediaeval quarter, a consolidated built-up area and spacious residential areas. There is plenty going on in this village, thanks to its many associations, making it an ideal place to settle down for families with children.



The mediaeval quarter and the part of the village located next to the main road are now joined together through a residential development of detached houses. Buying a house in Bordils means living in a peaceful village in a superb location, on the way to the coast and the Empordà region.