Buildings for sale offer all sorts of possibilities, both for buyers on the lookout for a new property and for investors who see a growing line of business in this segment, especially in buildings for sale requiring renovation. In today’s post, we explain which factors you should consider when buying an entire building, and we show you how to search for available buildings.

The sale of entire buildings

Despite the current health crisis, the real estate market is following an upward trend, and one of its most active segments is the sale and purchase of entire buildings, particularly in the most dynamic locations. In attractive cities such as Barcelona or Girona, with a wealth of architectural heritage, there are plenty of valuable buildings available with great potential.

The main types of buildings involved in these transactions are residential buildings, office buildings or buildings to be used as hotels, student residences or care homes, etc. Buyers’ needs may vary but when it comes to purchasing a building, there are some key aspects to be considered, which we’ll come to below. The buyer profile of such buildings ranges from private individuals to companies, institutions, developers and investment groups.

Where to search for buildings for sale

When it comes to buying an entire building, it’s crucial to engage the services of qualified professionals, since transactions of this kind are complex and encompass several factors, including architectural, urban planning, legal or administrative issues (compliance with regulations, changes of uses, permits, etc.). What’s more, searching for buildings can be a difficult task, requiring a significant investment of time and money, and, all too often, causing headaches that are best avoided. This being so, it’s best to seek out the expert advice of real estate professionals who can offer you a solution tailored to your needs.

How much does it cost to buy a building?

The price of a building can vary greatly depending on a range of factors, such as location, transport connections, state of repair, features and proximity to services and facilities, etc. These variables must all be considered when planning the purchase of a building for sale.

It goes without saying that price tends to be a key factor in transactions of this kind, but it’s important to consider all the other factors that condition the sale. What’s clear is that in order to buy safely with the necessary expert advice, your best bet is to engage the services of a specialized real estate agency; a team of experts in the purchase and sale of this type of properties will offer you the option best suited to your needs, walking you through the entire process right up to closing the transaction.

Buildings for sale in Girona

If you’re selling a building or searching for buildings for sale in Girona and the surrounding area, bear in mind that at Gènion Immobles we specialize in sale and purchase transactions of all sorts of properties. We boast a large portfolio of buildings for restoration projects, located in strategic points of towns and cities, in charming rural settings or next to the sea. Furthermore, we sell buildings that have been restored using the best aesthetic, liveability and energy-saving criteria.

We present buyers with buildings tailored to their needs, ensuring optimal conditions for making purchases with total security and full satisfaction. We offer owners a comprehensive real estate service for property sales, based on professionalism and thoroughness. Whether you’re buying or selling, our goal is always the satisfaction and benefit of our customers.