The apartments in Girona are revaluing at such speed that, without any doubt, now is a good time to buy. Let us explain why:

Girona, a superb location

 An open, innovative and cosmopolitan city on a human scale, offering a high quality of life. Thanks to these and other attributes, Girona is becoming an increasingly sought-after city that has managed to evolve without betraying its essence, combining an outstanding location, a unique historical heritage and a human capital that moves with the times.


With high-quality facilities and public spaces, a restored Barri Vell (Old Quarter), first-rate culture, cuisine and leisure options, along with a much improved transport network, Girona is without a doubt the perfect place for purchasing apartments for residential or investment purposes.


Apartments in Girona, ideal for residential buyers

 With excellent schools, a prestigious university, state-of-the-art sports facilities, plenty of leisure options, proximity to nature and safe streets, when it comes to buying an apartment, Girona is an ideal choice for singletons, couples and families with young children and teenagers.


Its dynamic and innovative character, the short distance to Barcelona and the Costa Brava, a quiet residential setting in which it is still possible to know your neighbours, and a city centre that you can get around with no need for a car, make Girona an increasingly sought-after option for buying an apartment to live in.


When you buy an apartment for residential purposes in Girona, you should above all consider the zone, the required living space, the quality of the dwelling, good orientation, natural light and sun, functionality, access and amenities. For families with children, proximity to good schools is essential, while for commuters, practical considerations such as being close to train and bus stations are important. For all buyers, when it comes to buying an apartment in Girona, the quality of the building and its upkeep, and having good, responsible neighbours, are key factors.



Apartments in Girona, ideal for investment buyers

Charm, a high-quality lifestyle, wealth, transformation and sustained, continuous growth have made Girona a city that is constantly improving and expanding. With sale prices that are still way below those of Barcelona and other major cities, purchasing an apartment in Girona is a sound investment, offering guaranteed income and appreciation.


In a city that attracts permanent residents, seasonal residents and holidaymakers, there is growing demand for apartments to let as main residences or as seasonal/holiday accommodation. Girona today is characterised by its technology-driven mobility, its thriving business and culture sectors, its prestigious university, the delightful Barri Vell (Old Quarter), a leading theatre festival, renovated cultural facilities and its growing reputation as a place for cyclists, teams and sportspeople from all over the world, in love with the city and its surroundings. All of this makes Girona an increasingly attractive city for property investors, with strong income growth and appreciation forecast.


When you buy an apartment in Girona as an investment property, you should consider what type of rental you are interested in and which tenant segment you wish to target. You also need to consider the factors listed above for residential apartments in Girona, but focusing in particular on the proximity to sources of future tenants (university, hospitals, offices, administrative centres, etc.) or, alternatively, on the benefits of a superb location in the Barri Vell or city centre.


Buying an apartment in Girona, a good idea

 Buying an apartment in Girona for residential or investment purposes is an option for the present and the future. With charm and a wonderful setting, Girona is a high-quality, practically sized city offering all sorts of advantages. A solid, guaranteed value, a good decision that you will not regret making.


At Gènion Immobles we help you find the most suitable properties in Girona in order to meet your expectations. With the security and guarantee of a professional team with strong roots in the area, specialised in the purchase and sale of property.